Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Old-Growth Forest Network website

Schoolhouse Woods, Wye Wildlife Management Area, Queen Anne's County, MD

The Old-Growth Forest Network now has a website, thanks to intern Jameson Harrington.
Schoolhouse Woods (in photo) will be the perfect forest in the network for Queen Anne's County, MD. This forest is small -- only about 20 acres -- but it is so impressive with its massive trees of many species. This is the forest I wrote about in the first chapter of my book Teaching the Trees. I visited the forest again last week with documentary maker John Fine. He is trying to raise funds to make a documentary on Trees.

Tom Horton's review of 'Among the Ancients'

Review of 'Among the Ancients' by Tom Horton

Tom is such a fabulous writer and I am honored that he wrote such a perfect review of my book, 'Among the Ancients.'

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