Monday, March 12, 2012

Old-Growth Forest Network gets first online donation!

After working  diligently, joyfully, and without pay, to develop the Old-Growth Forest Network; today we got our first online donation. If you have been waiting for your opportunity to support this important movement please visit and look for our new "donate" button. Blessings.

It will be a beautiful day to visit Adkins Arboretum

Announcement for my talk at Adkins Arboretum this week:

Acorns in the middle of the trail at St Mary's River State Park. Did they fall this way? Or did some animal do this?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reading tonight at St. Mary's College

It's a beautiful day on the campus of St. Mary's College. I have already taken a 4 mile hike in St. Mary's River State Park -- the candidate for the Old-Growth Forest Network in this county (St. Mary's). Saw 1 blooming flower (besides those on the red maple trees), 1 frog, and 1 butterfly, spring is here! A beautiful forest. Tonight I give a reading at the College. See link below for details:

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