Friday, August 17, 2012

Two Virginia forests to be added to the Old-Growth Forest Network

On Saturday, August 18th, we will welcome Fernbrook Natural Area (Albemarle County) into the Network; and on Monday morning, August 20th, we will have a dedication ceremony for the James Madison Landmark Forest at Montpelier (Orange County). These forests still stand today because forward-thinking individuals protected them.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A threatened Hawaiian Forest

During a recent trip to Hawaii I had the opportunity to learn more about the native forests there. The largest trees in the forest are the Ohi'a (pronounced oh-hee-ah), and it is not surprising that they were unfamiliar to me before, since they are endemic to Hawaii -- naturally occurring nowhere else. The next most common "tree" is actually a fern with fronds that unroll many feet overhead, the Hapu'u (pronounced hah-poo-oo) -- another endemic species.

Old-growth forest on Hawaii are composed largely of these two species, and I was saddened to learn that the ancient forests of Hawaii are still being destroyed. One of the most impressive of these forests, 72 acres in Waikaku'u in South Kona, has just been approved for a 14 lot subdivision. Local conservationists are appealing the decision and trying to find a conservation buyer. The price is 1.5 million -- or should I say priceless? Below are some photos of this special place. If you want to help call Patricia Missler at 808-990-2970. Mahalo.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cornell talk and hike, September 12

I am honored to be giving a talk at Cornell University on September 12th, 7:30pm, Cornell Plantations. Earlier that day there will be a public hike through the old-growth forest to be included in the Network for Tompkins County, NY. Here is the link for more information:
Come and join me!
Fischer Old-Growth Forest by Pultorak

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Big Island, Hawaii, Forest added to Old-Growth Forest Network

Entrance to the Puu Makaala Natural Area Reserve

At the dedication celebration on July 30th. Alyson, Jill Nadine, and the County Coordinator, Evan
 "A forest in every county protected from logging and open to the public" is the goal of the Old-Growth Forest Network. I am happy to announce that the Network now includes a Hawaiian forest!

 Puu Makaala Natural Area Reserve is 18,730 acres in size and was established in 1981 to protect unique native rain­forest. Long-Term management of this forested watershed provides multiple benefits including protec­tion of the island’s water resources, undeveloped open spaces, and cul­turally significant areas. The reserve provides habitat for rare native plants and animals preserving the biod­iversity of Hawai‘i for current and future generations. This wet forest contains many large old ohia trees, false sandalwood trees, and towering hapuu tree ferns.

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