Monday, April 9, 2012

Pennsylvania here I come!

Heading out this weekend for the wilder parts of PA. First a visit to Alan Seegar Natural Area (which contains old-growth forest), then on Monday I give a talk at Penn State at 7pm (E.O. Wilson speaks on campus at 5pm the same evening). On Wednesday evening I am giving a talk at Cook Forest and making the first ever formal recognition of a forest in the Old-Growth Forest Network. Hooray! Seems very appropriate that it is in the beautiful Cook Forest. Staying in a cabin this time instead of my truck. Boots are warmed up and ready to go.
Cook Forest, Pennsylvania

Southern Environmental Heroes (Sheroes?)

I like this college student's environmental blog, and it was so nice of her to draw attention to this month's Garden & Gun Magazine which has a photo and article about the work I'm doing for the Old-Growth Forest Network. The article is not available online, but it is on the shelf right now at Barnes and Nobles. The magazine sent photographer Michael Bowles to meet me in an old-growth forest. I was amazed when he unpacked a beautiful large format film camera -- those may be the last photos ever taken of me on film! In a few months I will be able to share the photos with you online, but until then you'll have to find a copy of the magazine.
Here is the blog:
Preppy Girl Green: Southern Environmental Heroes: I have been a dedicated reader of  Garden & Gun  for a few years now. I love the overall emotional feel of the magazine and the Southern ro...

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