Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chapman Forest - Charles County, Old-Growth Forest Network selection

Early Sunday morning I made the long drive to Charles County, MD
to join a group going to Chapman Forest. It will be the perfect forest for the Old-Growth Forest Network. The walk was led by Rod Simmons and these are his notes: "Fifty-four of us from the Maryland Native Plant Society, Virginia Native Plant Society, Botanical Society of Washington, Mattawoman Watershed Society, Arlington Regional Master Naturalists, Alexandria TreeStewards, and others traversed the highland areas from the Glymont area to historic Mount Aventine above the deep ravines and bluffs that comprise the old-age section of Chapman Forest. We saw a remarkable diversity of vegetation, old-age trees, and spectacular scenery throughout, including some interior sections of Shell-Marl Ravine Forest. This section of the park is a fascinating and regionally unique meeting ground for plants with a primary range in the inner piedmont and mountains and those of the southern coastal plain.

We began the walk through both the Chestnut Oak-Mountain Laurel evergreen and mixed oak-deciduous heath types of Oak-Heath Forest (USNVC: CEGL008521 and CEGL006299) on the gravel terrace near Chapman Landing Road, descended in elevation through sections of Mid-Atlantic Mesic Mixed Hardwood Forest (USNVC: CEGL006075), and traversed sections of old-age Shell-Marl Ravine Forest (Basic Mesic Hardwood Forest – USNVC: CEGL006055) that occur in the deep ravines, stream valleys, and rolling hills where calcareous and glauconitic marine sands and marl beds are exposed.

Annual Winter Solstice field trip participants and State Champion Pagoda Oak (Quercus pagoda) atop bluffs above the Potomac River at Chapman Forest, Charles County, Maryland. Photo by R.H. Simmons.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Salisbury tree planting - Daily Times article

This link is to an article in the Daily Times newspaper about a small project I did with Salisbury University students. The students roamed the city looking for good places to plant additional trees.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chesapeake Forest Champion

 A big "Thank You" to the person who nominated me as a "Forest Champion." It is a mystery to me, but I am very honored.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

On the radio again

These photos are from a beautiful old forest in Montgomery County, MD, that I hope will be in the
Old Growth Forest Network for that county. It's called the Gold Mine Tract.

Two days ago I took a nice forest walk with radio reporter Bryan Russo. The story will air on 88.3 (WRAU) on Friday at noon and again at 8pm. After that it will be available online at
We visited a 14 acre forest in the City of Salisbury that is threatened by plans for a 92 unit townhouse development. The forest has giant oak trees, the tenth largest reported loblolly pine in the state, and Atlantic white cedar trees. It is a little gem surrounded by existing development. I am doing what I can to keep it there.

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